Cafe Menu


Cafe Menu

Breakfast is served 

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 7am - 11:30am  Saturday and Sunday 7am - 1:45pm 

Lunch is served

Wednesday - Sunday 11:30am - 1:45pm




Two Egg Breakfast                                        $6.95

2 eggs (cooked any way), bacon OR sausage,  homemade breakfast potatoes and toast                                                           


Two egg omelet                                             $7.95

served with homemade breakfast

potatoes and toast

~  Spinach & smoked cheddar


~  Wild Mushroom and Parmesan             



On a choice of Sweet Beet Bakery English muffin or bagel served with homemade breakfast potatoes 


~ Fried egg and cheddar cheese                $5.25

~ Californian Sandwich                                 $6.95

fried egg, avocado spinach, tomato 

and cheddar                                                

~ Pesto sandwich                                         $6.95

with fried egg, pesto, tomato and brie                                                                                                  

~ The Village Cafe Breakfast Sandwich       $7.95

Fried egg, herb cream cheese, pesto,

arugula, tomato, red onion and mushroom

~ French toast                                               $6.95

with fruit compote and local Bradford

maple syrup  

~ Buttermilk pancakes                                  $6.95

with butter, compote and local Bradford

maple syrup 






served with a small mixed salad and dressing

~ Veggie Sandwich                                      $7.95  hummus with layers of fresh seasonal vegetables, smoked cheddar and red onion.  

~ Chickpea Salad Sandwich                        $8.25

chickpea salad, grated carrot, lettuce,

tomato, peppers & red onion

~ White Bean Wrap                                      $7.95

white bean, pesto & sun dried tomato spread, pickled red onions, grated carrots, lettuce & mixed peppers


~ Caprese sandwich Melt                             $8.50

tomato, local  smoked& regular mozzarella, 

basil, red pepper flakes & pesto spread


 ~ Roasted Veggie Melt                                $8.50

with roasted zucchini, red pepper,

eggplant, red onions, spinach and

herb goats cheese

 ~ Mushroom & Swiss Melt                           $8.50

with wild local mushrooms, spinach and caramelized onions


 ~ Roast Beef Sandwich                               $8.95

horseradish cream, arugula, cheddar

and lettuce. 

~ Chicken Salad Sandwich                          $8.95

Salad(chicken, dill,  mayonnaise, Dijon, celery, red onion, pickle) with lettuce and tomato. 

~ Roast Turkey Wrap                                    $9.25

Roast turkey, avocado, tomato,  lettuce,

bacon with chipotle mayonnaise

~ Pulled Pork Sandwich                               $8.95

Pork in bbq sauce in Sweet Beet bakery roll served with coleslaw         

~ Turkey Melt                                                $9.25

turkey, cheddar, spinach & artichoke,

tomato and red onion

~ Reuben Melt                                              $9.50

with Pastrami,Russian dressing

Micro Mama Kraut & Swiss Cheese

~ Grilled cheese                                           $4.95

      Add bacon  $2.00     Add tomato .75c

      Add Mushrooms $1.00

Bowl of soup                                                 $6.50

& Sweet Beet Bakery bread            

~ Half of any sandwich with farmers salad

or bowl of soup                                             $8.95

Sandwiches can be made on Sweet Beet Barery white or multigrain bread, Wrap or GF Bread

Substitute Gluten Free Bread $1.50

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