Look whats cooking at Feast of New Hampshire this week


   Menu for week of June 1st 2020

  DESSERT OF THE WEEK -Key Lime Mousse Cup

    SOUP OF THE WEEK - Tomato & Basil


1.Fish Tacos- Soft Tacos with Tilapia, Salsa, Lettuce,

   Mexican Sweet Corn


2. Meat Lasagna

3.Pulled Pork

   Corn Pudding



4. Shrimp & Veggie Primavera - Summer Vegetables & Shrimp in creamy sauce over pasta


5.Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken - Breast of Chicken pieces with Spinach & Baby tomatoes

     Rice Pilaf

Orders Must be in by Fri May 29th 2020


Single portion $15.00

Portion for two $25.00

Family portion $50.00

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